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Your Name

There are many great anime films out there. Even my anime view list is decently long. Among my favourites is a devastatingly gorgeous and emotionally affecting one named Kimi no Na wa or Your Name.

Probably the most famous anime film out there, Kimi no Na wa is more than just an adorable body-swap romance; it's also a time-traveling odyssey, a disaster-prevention adventure, a story of cruel temporal and physical separation between two soul mates, a reflection on the frailty and transience of everything from memories to cities, and a tearjerker.

It includes each of those elements and more. Moreover, it's one of the best films I've ever watched, anime or not, if not the best.

The movie Your Name centres on two teenagers who are approaching adulthood.

When a farm girl named Mitsuha wakes up in the body of a lad from Tokyo named Taki, Mitsuha has assumed Taki's identity back in Tokyo. The teens are forced to deal with both their personal problems and those of their peers across the nation as a result of the changes, which happen at random and last one day.

Watching Mitsuha and Taki try to figure out what was going on was interesting and funny. They would write each other notes on their mobile devices asking questions, and as they grew accustomed to the environments and bodies they were occupying, the more at ease they got in one another's shoes. They would endeavour to remember names and events and avoid making mistakes. Additionally, they would start taking actions that would improve one another's lives.

For instance, Mitsuha arranges for Taki to go on a date at one point in the film.

The two establish guidelines and expectations that are both upheld and violated, which results in an interesting chain of incidents.

Full sequences and skillfully put together montages alternate with one another throughout the film.

The idea of changing bodies is not a fresh one. The main difference in this story is that the two characters have never actually met. Additionally, they are unsure of what is causing the changeover, and by the end of the movie, I was still indecisive of the cause. Fate? Which led to an intriguing effect. The characters responded to the new situation in a way that I had never witnessed since the changeover was something they couldn't control; it wasn't consistent or unchanging, it was unpredictable.

The environment in which this film is set is stunning, in addition to the fresh spin on this intriguing subject and the way scenes are put together (I really want to see the entire thing again right now as I talk about it). The aesthetics of the animation are amazing. I wasn't in the least disappointed because I expected this. Everything Shinkai touches is breathtakingly lovely! It would be a huge shock, in my opinion, to see something inadequate from him. There are still moments, dancing moments, and fluid movement moments, and everything is only for show. Though calling it eye candy almost seems insulting. I have no idea why.

The way the people in this film handle these circumstances makes them seem really genuine. They seem more genuine to me than any other characters in Shinkai's movies, in my opinion. Perhaps because this movie's scenarios and elements felt a little less allegorical to me than those in his previous works that I've seen thus far. In addition, as I already mentioned, seeing them struggle with the body exchange was unlike watching other characters, which may have contributed to it in and of itself.

Whilst the film is stunning and profound, I can't really say much more about it without giving away major plot points.

Your Name is also one of the first few anime movies I have watched and it really stood apart. One cannot help but sit and gaze at the intricate details of the Tokyo city and Japanese rural area and just wish to be there. In my opinion this movie is a total package.

Talking about totality of the film, I would like to take some proper time to give insights to one aspect that stood apart for me from the first few seconds to the very end which gave me goosebumps that I will never forget. The music. The movie adopts a modern orchestral music approach. A major difference I immedietly noticed was that the music composition was by a band, which at that point was alien to me as I expected only one master composer. RADWIMPS, band that did the music really put me into heaven with their music. I still play the playlist whenever I am down, or when I need some background music while working. There is a version of the song 'Nandemoneiya' which plays in the end. Man, I still remember the excitment and an overwhelming emotion that passed through me. And I can also proudly say that my love for japanese music increased multifold after seeing how RADWIMPS put in their composition together.

Overall Your Name is a must watch. It can also be a fresh entrance for you into the anime world.


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