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When I last wrote about love, it was centered on theme of self-love and how one should accept themselves to bring out the best within them. Though I am still struggling in the path of life to love myself a bit more, June reminded me of love once again.However the love here is build upon the ages of lost love; love that couldn't get finished or accepted.

Pride month is celebrated every year as a remembrance to the countless sacrifices the LGBTQ+ community had endured in the past so that the present members has atleast some dignity in existing as who they are. It also reminds us that any love is valid, and that we cannot contruct a wall amongst ourselves.

Two person embrace under the rainbow umbrella as protests of homophobia is around, an illustration

Souls are meant to connect and no one can ever hold them back forever.

We all have grown around some form of homophobic idea or ideals. We were shown what was the right colour we can choose, what we should wear, how we should walk and countless other physical attributes that determine our position in the society. Can't we fit in? You are useless to the family and it is better you leave. Why? Cause it is better your life is non-existent when compared to the family name. It is better you are not even alive so the family diginity is maintained. Kind of makes me think where did the humanity we had to learn so hard go? When did we become so heartless?

All these makes me think how we are losing our humanity. And ever so importantly two question always arises in me.

"Is it that difficult to accept people for who they are?" "Are the borders we make for ourselves worth it at all?"

It pains me to see how the society still has people who are ashamed of others who don't fall into their point of view of 'normalcy'. I don't see how one could blindly follow any idea that discrimininates us. The conservative attitudes that still persists in our soceity does not do good for any of us. And love has become one aspect that has taken a hard hit from these guys. I mean be honest with yourself. Love disgusts you? How can the affection for someone else disgust anyone? Will this one day end up to be against all type of love? Would I have to stop loving my parents too? I don't know but I feel all these might end up being a norm if the stupidity around love keeps going. And another huge turnoff for me is the cemented masculine and feminine characterists developed by the "conservative" "social" "scientists". It goes even to such an extend where toxic masculinity is sometimes celebrated.

How have people still not understood that we don't have a normal. We are all unique in our ways. We have our differences and imperfections. We have our changes in thoughts and actions. Keeping aside the extremly bad ideals (such as that of abuse for example), we have to encourage the differences we offer.

We aren't determined by what is between our legs.

We should not construct a wall around ourselves or let anyone make one to stop ourselves from exploring who we are. We are who we are. And we should be proud of who we are.

The little progress we have made in our small lives all amount to what has made us. Sometimes we would think that we are outright useless. Our existance is futile or even end up taking that wrong step, because of a lack of help. But atleast once, sit back and see your own chart of progress. Maybe, there are many loops where you had such a horrific time. But you did manage yourself out, didn't you? And we add up all those we would see a growth. It does not matter whether that growth is bigger or smaller than that of others around you. Rememer one scale cannot measure everyone. And that means you have done a good job in being who you are. And you must be proud of that.

Pride is composed of these small attributes as well and not just the love part. Going on in our lives, we might find out whom we truly love. We might get to choose our partners, or they might choose you. Maybe you won't get anyone, or feel no one is upto your standards. It does not matter. In the end we are all alone in some way or the other. What we must do however is make sure no one around you is struggling through all these. Lending a small part of yourself for those close ones, to accept themselves, will go a long way in moulding both of you.

What we need in this world today is humanity. We don't need walls or borders. And we certainly don't need unwanted thoughts to undervalue oneself. For me it has been a struggle. To get up, face the world. Sometimes questioning whether I am right. And yes, whether I am valid? Whether my feelings are real? Or should I change. But time has taught me to not question myself anymore. Perhaps the society may push me away for being who I am. Maybe one of you who is reading might be the first one to push me away for being one of the pride members or because I was even talking about this.

However it does not matter. I am who I am. I am proud of who I have become. Cause baby, I was born this way!

The old me will certainly applaud for me after seeing how far I have come. The journey has been hard, but there were help along the way. Pride reminds me of those souls too, who have made it possible for me to exist, and cherish this beautiful world. I am still doing my best to connect with myself. To be proud of who I am and still continue to work on accepting what I am born as. However I am positive, brighter days are coming ahead!

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those matter don’t mind." - Dr. Suess



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