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Music: An infinite saga

I have often wondered about how sounds make such an impact on our life. Think about it. Music is basically sound. But the impact music has had and continues to have on people is still a mystery for many. I could go on and on about the psychological, scientific, and other studies on music. But none of that can ever give a glimpse of the personal level of love we all have for music. Just like dreams, music is also individualistic. Thousands of songs, tons of genres and as many artists entertaining us.

There is a difference between hating a song so much you want to turn off the radio and cry and hating a song that brings tears to your eyes but compels you to listen. In the second case, the listener connects with the song; an emotional connection is established. It is a different type of listening than the first one. The audience rises above the notes and the tune and the words sung to track down a more profound importance: something that sounds valid for them and just them. An alternate individual can pay attention to a similar definite tune in a similar careful setting and receive something altogether disparate in return. What's more, that is the excellence of music.

On paper, the music will appear to be identical to all spectators. It will be masses of ink, framed into music notes and words, not passing on much feeling. Indeed, the individuals who have more involvement in music will get a somewhat unique inclination from it, distinguishing explicit harmonies and notes and the precarious rhythms. Yet, it isn't until we hear music that our encounters of it truly start to vary. We hear the feeling passed on in the voice of the artist and the savagery with which the violin player assaults their strings. We hear the feeling in the beating of the drummer and the song of the guitar and the amicability of the piano and cello.

The words in the melody take on new importance and the harmonies meet up to create a new feeling. They can be major and cheerful or minor and melancholy, consolidating with different harmonies and the words and the instruments to create unmistakable sounds.

Also, our involvement in this music is controlled by our past encounters. With different tunes comparable or totally different from that one and encounters in our day to day existence outside of music altogether. Perhaps a verse helps you to remember a particular time in your life, something specific somebody said to you or a specific spot you were. Perhaps an expression of the tune makes you glad or miserable and helps you to remember a period you felt a comparable feeling. Thus, the melody tangles along with your encounters and feelings to make them indivisible from one another. The melodies not just help us to remember things from our lives, they become portrayals of ideas or explicit pieces of our lives.

A solitary tune can pass on so viably an entire piece of your life, more adequately than you could with basic words. However, to another person, this tune can be altogether unimportant until you give the unique situation. You can relate totally and completely to a melody and expect each and every note and word and another person just will not have the option to comprehend it by any means. They have no understanding of the things that make the tune so ideal for you; they can't identify with anything at all in the melody. Or on the other handn they can relate, however in a totally unique manner. A melody that is dismal for you can wind up being glad for another person.

Furthermore, this is the thing that makes music so delightful. It is so moldable and liquid and can be applied to such countless circumstances from various perspectives. So many individuals can see the value in similar melody for every unique explanation. Two individuals can sit one next to the other paying attention to a similar tune and have completely various encounters. Furthermore, this is lovely. It exhibits how unique we are as individuals, but then can in any case be joined by paying attention to a similar melody and applying our lives to similar words and harmonies. And thus music has marked a point in my life. It is etched in me like carvings on a stone.

I wish that whatever interest I have in music, I will be able to pass it on to others as well. The love I have when I explain whatever little I know music, always makes me feel so happy and elated. I grin like a little kid when I explain certain concepts. And yes, I will continue to grin like a little kid as well.

'I am just a little boy, standing on the beach, amazed at the huge ocean known as music, hoping to swim and explore it as much as possible. '


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