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Looking forward

"Oh to be like you, with no responsibilities in life. Just eat, potty and meow meow.' - Me to any random cat I meet

Guy looking at sunrise with renewed energy

Happy New Year everyone! Life has been a bit busy in the last 6 months and I am still not sure where I am in life. College is over. I got a job (surprised? Me too). I moved away from home for the first time, and am currently in the process of learning life.

It has been a challenging yet phenomenal 6 months that has taken me forward to wherever I am right now. Nothing has been easy. I am probably really close to losing my sanity, too. And I know many of you are also on the same page.

Growing up, I have always been keen to go ahead and do things that I never have done. Especially if those are ones that I was afraid of doing at some point. People know me as a chill, open-minded, trustworthy guy, and honestly I try to keep as original as possible in my actions and words, because at least someone has to be like that in this world filled with fakes. Of course, not that I am perfect in any way, but I am glad there might be people out there who have had a nice day because of me. So if I say I was a person who never wanted to talk to people, preferred sitting at home all alone enjoying my company, and felt lazy as hell about reading, learning music and whatnot; would you all believe that?

The strangers who are reading this may not know any of this, but the ones who know me certainly would bat an eye at me. They all know me as a reader, a musician, and a guy who can be talked to in general. Well.....yes, that was me as a kid. One introvert, scared little thing who would do anything to just have the courage to just be himself.

Fast forward to today, I would say I have become the man my younger self wished for, or maybe even better. If I go back in time to the little Hari and tell him how he turns out to be in the future, I am sure his joy would know no bounds.

"But Hari, why rant about all this?" you might ask. Why not? Why not tell the story of your life, irrespective how young it is at this stage? Why not share with the world that we all have a good time waiting for us at all stages of life? Why not use your words, your stories to bridge hearts and minds? This is me! This is life! All these small snip shots that I write are pieces of my heart. I know it is never as impressive as many stories out there. However, these normal stories, from a normal me, will hopefully leave a small smile on that cute face of yours. And writing is also the best medium to hug people you can't see.

Now a lot of us make fresh resolutions every new year. And we get dejected by the end of the year to see we have achieved little to nothing in that list. And it is frustrating to not be able to do, sometimes even the simplest of things. You feel like you will never be able to do them. You feel you will never amount to anything and will just stay the stupid and lazy forever. Oh I know exactly how that feels! And it is ok! Do not be hard on yourself.

You see, time reveals to us the answers to our questions when it deems. Or we would have to take a pretty big leap in turning our life around in such a way everything just falls in place. It is not just hard work, it is the consistency and discipline in doing those things which brings us closer to the goals we would like to achieve.

However it is simply not enough to chart out what we have to do tomorrow and expect us to follow them. We have to make tiny changes in what we do today. Those small changes will sum up to bigger changes, thus taking you one step closer to what you always wanted.

Looking forward to reaching your destination is definitely what makes the whole journey worth-while. Life will hit you with everything to give you the best adventure there is (though I agree not all adventures are fun), an adventure that shapes you into your best self, and takes you to that treasure you have been looking for everywhere. Still, even if our journeys and destinations differ, we can't overlook one factor that is common for all of us. We all have that one person who sticks up with us to reach our goals. They sometimes even take a detour to get us to our place. To have someone like that, or to be one like that is what makes our lives on this little blue dot floating in the emptiness of space all the more worthwhile. It is something I personally have been particular about in my life. To be just the right amount of kind and helpful to the right amount of people. And I have seen it has made all the difference in many places.

The humans in our lives make all the differences! You! Make all the difference!

To you, my readers, I just have one thing to say. Be the human being you wish others were like. Be the one person in someone's life. Be the light that guides even the blind in the darkness. Be the one who just makes a difference by doing the most normal thing we all should be doing. Even our slightest actions and words could possibly make the biggest change in others. I wish this would be your resolution for not just this year, but all the great years that are yet to come. I know you can do it! Just look at yourself in the mirror and go, "Hey! You are the greatest human out there!" and go ahead and be that greatest human being. To the world, and most importantly to yourself.

I wholeheartedly wish every single one of you the best year ahead. I hope you all reach that milestone in life. Let it take you closer to that destination.

Oh, and if you've reached your destination, where will your next adventure take you?


Me the pianist looking out with hope. My signature

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